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Join Our Healing Retreat! Dance Into Solstice

The Access Strategies Fund and the Boston Women’s Fund invite you to be a part of our upcoming healing retreat for Black and Indigenous women, genderqueer, and nonbinary people in the community. Join us for “Dance into Solstice,” a workshop led by esteemed dancer and choreographer Isaura Oliveira!

Friday, June 17th from 11:00 am-1:00 pm at Franklin Park.

This is an in-person event! Interpretation will be available.

Workshop Description:

A special Living Experience dance class with the amazing dancer and choreographer Isaura Oliveira. Together we will be led to connect with nature, welcome the beginning of the summer season, and receive the medicine of the sun on our skin and in our bones. We will engage in healing movements to restore our body by giving ourselves to the arms of nature, the sky, the trees, and mindfully breathing the air accompanied by live musicians. No dance experience necessary, the only requirement is an open heart. You are encouraged to move at your body's comfort level and ability, you will decide this.


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