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Forty years ago, a group of women decided that philanthropy could do better. Frustrated at the lack of support for women and gender-expansive individuals, they created a new fund, run by and for diverse women — the very first women's fund in Massachusetts. 


Since then, the Boston Women's Fund has been a leader in radical giving, breaking down barriers to funding and support in Greater Boston. BWF has issued over 385 grant awards, designed equitable grantmaking practices, and pumped over $7.6 million into community organizations led by women and gender-expansive leaders fighting for racial and gender justice. In our 40th year, we'll celebrate how far we've come while shining a light on today's grassroots leaders and what lies ahead!

Our next stop — our only stop — is liberation.


"Many Funds begin with a donor or donor base, we began with our beliefs"

— Jean Entine

BWF Founding Mother


Nominations closed.
Stay tuned for announcement of awardees!

Boston Women's Fund will publicly honor 40 Liberation Leaders who have contributed outstanding work toward racial, gender, economic, and social justice in Greater Boston! These Liberation Leaders will be commemorated at our 40th Anniversary Community Celebration in September 2024. To us, Liberation Leaders are people who are leading and engaging in movements that resist oppressive systems and are striving to create new systems. 

Who are the women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals who have fought for their communities and have yet to receive their flowers? Find out when we announce our 2024 Liberation Leaders. 


Explore highlights from when Massachusetts' first women's fund began.

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