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Commitment made to create the Boston Women’s Fund.

One hundred women meet at New Words Bookstore in Cambridge to discuss establishing a fund for women.

A Coordinating Committee is formed

including Rachel Burger, Cindy Chin, Jean Entine, Renae Gray, Marion Lill, Molly Lovelock, Brinton Lykes, Kip Tiernan


First BWF Grants Given out to 5 organizations

Traditional Childbearing Group
Chimera Anon
Finex House
Coalition of Basic Human Needs
Massachusetts Women of Color


BWF offers support to women’s groups through a workshop series called Women Helping Women.

we're educators with a touch of class - grantee partner-boston women's fund.png

We're Educators with a Touch of Class, seven-time Grantee Partner, beginning in 1985


BWF Technical Assistance Program Formalized

Workshops run by women volunteers with skills in fundraising, public relations, graphic design, writing/editing, organizational development, fiscal management


BWF marks $80,000 in grants awarded, averaging $2,500 each.


People to People, Grantee Partner 11 times, beginning in 1987


asian task force against domestic violence_BWF grantee.png

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Grantee Partner, 1992, 1993

BWF and Women in Philanthropy sponsor a research project to understand foundation and corporate giving in Boston. The report is published and called “Worlds Apart: Missed Opportunities to Help Women and Girls.”

“… Two-thirds of people living in poverty are women. Yet only 6 cents out of every $1 in grants from foundations and corporations goes to women and girls organizations.”

BWF hosts “Challenges for Our Community” events to take a political stand on current issues of concern.


Young Sisters For Justice-3_BWF.png

Young Sisters for Justice participants

First annual Take A Stand Fundraiser is held at John Hancock Hall featuring Anna Deavere Smith. 

 Over 1,000 people attended! Take a Stand Awards are given to two Grantees. Money raised helped increase BWF’s grantmaking budget.

Young Sisters For Justice is Established

This program connects young women in Boston interested in social justice and offers rich learning opportunities and hands-on grantmaking experience, allowing young people to allocate funds to an organization of their choosing.


letter about Boston women's women of color fundraising institute program with Haymarket People's Fund. Testimonial from a participant.

BWF officially reaches the $1 million mark in the total amount of grantmaking dollars awarded since its inception.

BWF and Haymarket People’s Fund launch the Women of Color Fundraising Institute.


The 2000 Club, an endeavor created to build a $1M endowment fund through small, multi-year donations, reaches 1000 Members.


Roofless Women, BWF grantee partner.png

BWF announces multi-year grants will be awarded.

Girls Like Us in a Place Like This, a manual about the young women of Young sisters for Justice is published. 

Roofless Women, three-time Grantee Partners beginning in 1998


BWF hosts Talking Circles: Brown Bag Lunches and gatherings for networking and sharing strategies and successes to build a more unified movement for social justice.  

This endeavor became known as The Organizing Institute.



BWF Celebrates 20 Years of Grantmaking!

Women of Action Project, 2004 Grantee

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