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We Are Still Processing: In Memory of Tyre Nichols

Like many of you, we at the Boston Women’s Fund are traumatized, hurt, and frustrated by the police brutality that took Tyre Nichols’ life. It seems another violent tragedy takes place before we have had time to fully process the harm of the tragedy before. As we weed through the layers of hurt, to be truthful, our team is experiencing response fatigue. How many more messages like this will we write in 2023 alone? What will it take for us to see lasting change that dismantles systemic racism within our nation?

Today, we were able to hold space as a community and gathered virtually to share, grieve, and just be. We shared stories. We shared feelings of devastation, anger, numbness, and fear. We reminded each other that there is no “right” way to feel. Trauma tends to stay in our bodies, so we reminded each other to move when we could. We’ll extend these reminders to you, as well. Take a walk. Stand and stretch. Shake out your limbs. Pause. Be with others if you feel drawn to healing in community.

With the heaviness of Tyre’s murder, and all of the videos and news circulating, we want to make sure people are taking care of themselves. Here are a few resources that we have found helpful:

Boston Women’s Fund will continue to support Black and Brown leaders working on the ground for racial justice. If you need anything from us, if we can support you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In Solidarity,

-Natanja Craig Oquendo

Executive Director

Boston Women's Fund


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