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Women of Color Leadership

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

About the Program

The WOC Leadership Circle is a six-month cohort program that aims to support women of color leaders to advance their professional development and leadership goals. Through the program, up to 15 women of color leaders participate in six monthly facilitated sessions focused around topics of interest and areas of professional development and leadership. The program aims to honor the leadership, strength, and resilience of women of color who do incredible work within their communities and provide them with a cherished space to share challenges and opportunities.

As part of an ongoing effort to uplift the leadership and voices of women of color leaders in Greater Boston, we are recruiting for the 2022 Anna Faith Jones & Frieda Garcia Women of Color Leadership Circle.

This program, originally conceived by Natanja Craig Oquendo of the Boston Women’s Fund, and Andrea Madu and Stephanie Guidry of the Boston Foundation, is inspired by two groundbreaking women of color leaders: Anna Faith Jones and Frieda Garcia. In the 1990s, they led the Boston Foundation as the CEO and Board Chair and were the first women of color to occupy those roles in our foundation’s history. The Women of Color Leadership Circle is inspired by the close partnership, vision, friendship, and legacy of these two incredible leaders. We stand on the shoulders of giants and these trailblazing women have paved the way for women of color within our sector.

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