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Boston Globe: Boston-based Maternal Health Organizations get Funding Boost, a win for Women of Color

Three local organizations receive $75,000 in grants for their work addressing the maternal health crisis

Members of the Birth Equity and Justice Massachusetts Steering Committee. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff.

"...Three Boston-based organizations...earlier this month received $25,000 grants for their work filling gaps in maternal and reproductive support that continue to fuel the Black maternal health crisis.

The funding is part of an effort by the Boston Women’s Fund, a foundation that supports marginalized women, girls, and gender-diverse people, to shore up funding for women of color, who are often overlooked for grants."

Female-led organizations are often the first to respond to the needs of their communities during crises, providing essential services to marginalized groups, raising awareness around risks to human rights and health, and demanding accountability, according to UNICEF. But they often lack adequate financial support.


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