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Announcing Our 2023 Grantee Partners: Over $400k to Grassroots Organizations Driving Radical Change

This year, the Boston Women’s Fund is deepening our commitment to women, girls, and gender-expansive leaders across Greater Boston. We’re excited to announce that we’ve selected our 2023 grantee partners! With the support of our community, this year, we’ve granted over $400,000 to 22 grassroots organizations driving radical change.

These organizations led by women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals across Greater Boston are building movements and leading systems change to usher in a more just world.

As a part of our commitment to leading the way on more equitable philanthropic practices, we’ve held true to our unique, people-first grantmaking approach. All of our grantee partners were nominated by the public and reviewed by our Allocations Committee, a diverse community-based group of volunteers. They then sat down with leaders from every organization in “Requests for Conversations,” our alternative to a traditional RFP or a lengthy grant application. This is not only a more personal, and accessible way to learn about each organization's work, it completely lifts the application burden from organization leaders.

The committee members then drafted applications for the organizations they interviewed and shared their info with the larger group. The final grantee partners were selected through a consensus process.

Our grantees represent our communities: people of color, LGBTQIA+, youth, elderly, immigrant, refugee, disabled, and low-income communities. Of the 22 grassroots organizations selected to receive funding, all are led by women or gender-expansive individuals, 95% of whom are people of color. Four organizations are focused on reproductive justice, two center youth, and two are recipients of our seed-funding grant, our initiative aimed specifically at closing the funding gap for Black and Brown grassroots leaders.

In addition to our Movement Building, Community Impact, Youth-Centered Movement Building and Seed Funding grants, we’ve also created a new funding opportunity. While we strategically fund organizations with annual operating budgets equal to or less than $500,000, this year, we’ve launched our first-ever Momentum grant for members of the BWF family whose organizations have grown to exceed that threshold. All Momentum grantee partners received a one-time grant award and our commitment for ongoing beyond-the-grant support throughout the years to come.

We’re honored to support our 2023 grantee partners, both new and seasoned within the BWF family, and the innovative, life-changing work they’re pursuing in their communities.

The following organizations have been selected as BWF’s 2023 grantee partners:

Abilities Dance

Asian American Women's Political Initiative

Asian Women For Health

Association Of Haitian Women In Boston

Birth Equity & Justice MA


Cambridge HEART Program

Dominican Development Center

Eastern Woodlands Rematriation Collective

Essex County Community Organization

Grimes King Foundation For The Elderly

Justice For Housing

Love Your Magic

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers

Melanin Mass Moms

Neighborhood Birth Center

Propa City Community Outreach

Save Our Selves

Sisters Unchained

Small House

Women Encouraging Empowerment

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