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Alternative Public Safety Donor Education Meeting

Are you curious about alternative public safety programs? The Boston Women's Fund invites you to learn from our grantee Cambridge HEART (Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team), a local organization doing this work, at their virtual Alternative Public Safety Donor Education Meeting!

This meeting will be co-hosted by Boston Women’s Fund and Borealis Philanthropy's Communities Transforming Policing Fund, in partnership with Cambridge HEART.

August 18th from 2:00-3:30 pm ET via Zoom. Free.

Cambridge HEART is a community-led alternative safety program. HEART leaders will share learnings from their research on alternative public safety programs in the U.S., their on-the-ground experience building an alternative for their community, and the training they have carried out with the first cohort of HEART peer and community responders.

Register at the link below to receive the meeting link in your inbox. We look forward to the chance to learn together and work toward the future we would all like to see.

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