Introducing the 2nd Annual Girls Day on the Hill

On Thursday, April 18th, BWF will be hosting its Second Annual Girls’ Day on the Hill (GDH) at the Massachusetts State House. GDH is a two-day event where girls from Boston between the ages of 13 and 18 can expand their understanding of the policy world and consider running for political office in the future.

The first day of the event will allow the young women to come together to learn more about how women at the community levels have advocated for changes that affect their communities. The second day will take place at the Massachusetts State House and will include multiple opportunities for you to share your experiences and concerns with your state and local representatives.

About the Boston Women’s Fund

The Boston Women’s Fund (BWF) believes that change begins at the grassroots level. We contend that the many strong women and girls fighting for justice in their communities know what needs to be done, yet frequently lack necessary resources to achieve their goals. BWF works to amplify the voices of these women and girls.

BWF raises money from an economically diverse base of donors to award grants and to develop programs that strengthen communities and help women and girls develop the skills and confidence to organize, educate, and lead their communities.

Join Us For An Event

BWF hosts a number of events. Some are social that connect BWF to new as well as familiar communities. We also host panelists and informational events intended to organize and educate community leaders and activists. Whether it’s a trivia night or workshop, house party or crowdfunding campaign, BWF invites you to join us. Support us and our grantee partners by attending an event, hosting a party, volunteering your time or making a donation.