Boston Girls Empowerment Network

The Boston Girls’ Empowerment Network (BGEN) is a citywide network established to increase collaboration opportunities for women and girl serving organizations (WSOs & GSOs) in the Boston area. BGEN promotes gender-responsive programming, advocates for the development of public policy that supports girls development, builds connections between women and girl serving non-profits, public and government organizations, builds the capacity of member organizations to enhance services to women and girls and shares research that informs policy and programming decisions.

BWF works in partnership with BGEN’s program director to provide legislative advocacy training, create collaboration, growth and networking opportunities and offer a forum to share research that informs discussions about gender specific issues among women’s and girls’ service providers in Boston.

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The Organizing Institute

The Organizing Institute was co-founded by the Boston Women’s Fund and our grantee partners with the purpose of creating a stronger coalition of women and girls through resource development, movement building and networking. BWF provides technical assistance to social change organizations through free or low cost workshops and conferences. Grantees have requested assistance in strengthening fundraising practices, selecting and developing collaborative non profit Boards, partnering with similar organizations, best practices in financial management and building sustainable organizations.

BWF will also periodically sponsor a themed “brown bag” luncheon series to allow an opportunity for dialogue between grantees, constituents and the broader community. Through the OI, BWF has sponsored workshops on a variety of topical subjects including the impact of immigration policies on communities of color, negotiating fair salaries for women, supporting and understanding the experience of grass roots women activists and engaging “suburban” women in a discussion about race.

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Young Women Ambassadors

The Boston Women’s Fund’s Young Women Ambassadors program seeks to build a diverse and inclusive network of young professional women in the greater Boston area actively developing and participating in projects that further the mission and operation of the Boston Women’s Fund and its grantee partners.

The program will provide a space for young women to strengthen their understanding of racial, economic, and social justice issues, elevate conversation and collaboration between social justice movements, and advance the rights of all women and girls through networking and professional development opportunities in the areas of philanthropy, community organizing, and collective advocacy.

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