Allocations Committee

Why Join the Allocations Committee?

The Boston Women’s Fund requests volunteers for the Allocations Committee in advance of a grantmaking cycle. Committee members have found the experience to be powerful and rewarding. Participation connects volunteers intimately with the many promising organizations working “in the trenches” to make lasting and positive change in their communities.

The Allocations Committee is central to the mission of the Boston Women’s Fund to democratize philanthropy. BWF assembles a Committee reflective of the diverse communities we serve and works to ensure that all voices are heard. Furthermore, Committee members are individuals who share a commitment to the mission and vision of the Boston Women’s Fund.

BWF grants amplify the voices of women and girls who work tirelessly for political, racial, social and economic equity. Members of the allocations recognize that change begins in the community, frequently led by efforts of inspirational women, girls and women-identified individuals who know the solutions to their problems yet lack the resources to solve them.

The Allocations Committee is responsible for reviewing grant proposals using an in-depth appraisal process on which all members are carefully trained. They ensure that deliberations and decisions about grantee proposals are fair and equitable. Committee members are expected to provide 16.0 hours including three in-person meetings and one site-site visit. For additional information, download the application.